Map Shows Where to Find Banksy Street Art in London

Part of the allure of street art is its accessibility. The thrill of spotting a new piece in person is all part of the fun for followers of the urban art scene, but how do you know where to look?

Some of the more popular artists, including Invader and Stik, have created online maps to make it easier for fans to track their work down. Due to the transient nature of street art and the fact that it is often defaced or removed, it is hard to ensure these are up to date, however.

One such guide that is definitely up to speed has just been released by Time Out and shows all the locations of Banksy street art in London that is still visible. In addition to providing the name and position of each piece by one of the OG urban art pioneers, it also advises what state the graffiti is in – either ‘good condition’ or ‘worse-for-wear’.

Given just how prolific Banksy has been across the capital over the past two decades, the fact that only thirteen of the graffiti artist’s murals remain is surprising. Due to the high prices original Banksy works can command, there was a – largely frowned upon – trend for removing pieces of his work from their original location, often with sections of walls being chiselled out, or doors removed, which may account for why so few historical pieces remain. Whilst some of his signature stencils have been preserved using Perspex covers, others are still open to the elements so may not be around for much longer.

Click to enlarge the map and see where you can spot Banksy artwork in situ across London. If you think they’ve missed any out, you can also tell the team and they’ll update the map accordingly.

If you are looking to sell or buy original Banksy prints that are fully authenticated, please contact the Theodorus Gallery team who will be happy to assist.

Time Out Map of Banksy Street Art in London 2017

Click to Enlarge Map

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