Bethlehem Anti-Trump Street Art Appears Near Banksy Hotel

It’s fair to say that American President, Donald Trump is considered something of a divisive figure. His initial candidacy and current tenure have solicited a wave of mostly anti-Trump artworks from a wide variety of genres, internationally.

The latest pieces to spring up are two spray-painted works across a West Bank barrier in Bethlehem. Australian street artist, Lush has claimed responsibility for these new political murals in Jerusalem.

Lush Donald Trump West Bank Street Art BethlehemLocated near the Walled Off Hotel famously owned by graffiti don, Banksy, many people assumed Banksy was responsible for the installations, despite the clear difference in styles. The fact that the actual artist had signed the pieces with his instagram handle ‘@lushsux’ didn’t stop news reports from running stories about these ‘new Banksy artworks’, either.

Appearing to take the mix-up in good humour, Lush posted a video of some mis-identified news coverage to his Instagram page with the caption “Nice work by @banksy”.

One of the two new Lush murals shows Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke, as he did during his Middle East trip in May 2017 trip. Echoing photos from 45’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Lush painted Trump touching this holy site. Referencing the controversial President’s Mexico border wall farce, Lush incorporated a thought bubble into the image, which announces “I’m going to build you a brother”.

The second art installation shows POTUS sans yarmulke, lovingly hugging a tower attached to the border wall. Again, Lush posted this image to Instagram with the tongue-in-cheek yet politically charged caption “Tag in someone you love more than Trump loves walls”.

Perhaps there is a similarity with Banksy’s work after all…

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