Banksy Video of Street Artist in Action Confirmed as Fake

A viral YouTube video of a graffer in action, alleged to be the elusive street art legend Banksy, has been confirmed as a fake.

The clip shows a hooded man with glasses similar to those worn by Robin Gunningham, the man suspected to be behind the Banksy handle. He is seen tagging some graffiti with Banksy’s signature. The moniker appears on a wall next to a stencilled, politically-themed piece on Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. It depicts the outspoken politician Pauline Hanson wearing an anti-immigration t-shirt under the heading ‘please explain?’.

Although the themes of the piece appear credible, the execution is somewhat crude. Despite Banksy having been fairly prolific in Australian cities over the years, and subsequent to much internet speculation, the video has been deemed a PR stunt. It was posted and leaked to the media by marketing professional ‘Mia S’ who tipped off reporters. Continues below

The artist’s UK press representative, Jo Brooks told Aussie news site Crikey the video was “totally fake” and “a blatant attempt to garner publicity” for an unauthorised exhibition of his work. She further confirmed that Banksy has not approved the exhibition, will not be attending it, and has no plans to visit Australia in the near future.

Curated by Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides, the controversial ‘Art of Banksy’ show opens in Melbourne tomorrow. It is set to feature three pieces that have never been displayed before.

Uncovering the man behind the urban art phenomenon has become a hotbed of conspiracy theories. The latest rumour unveils Banksy as a collective rather than an individual, and is said to include Robert del Naja. An detailed internet post matching the date and locations of various Banksy artworks to del Naja’s movements prompted the spurious explanation. Also known as 3D from Bristol trip hop group Massive Attack, Del Naja has not commented publically on the allegations.

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